Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mother Nature's Diet

It turns out that after last weeks fretting over what to eat and how much to exercise, Mother Nature had another plan for my weight loss goals.

All it took was 2.5 days of stomach flu, and I am nearly at my goal weight. I don't recommend the method, but it if you would like to try it come on over and we might be able to find you some germy love to take home and share with your friends and family.


Robin said...

Ohhh too funny. Hope you feel better!

Veronica said...

Please get over it before we get to town. We want to see you guys without the germs please. Being sick on vacation, although great for the last 10 lbs I'm hanging on to from pregnancy, does not sound fun! Do you want to come to Lauren's b-day get together?

Jen said...

You wouldn't happen to have a family with the last name Youngberg in your Modesto Ward? Just wondering 'cause we're related. Thanks for the comment on my Kroger post - that shopping trip was outrageous - first time they'll done something like that in Texas so maybe the popularity will spread all the way to Cali!