Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Favorite NOT Holiday

One of my favorite pastimes is cooking. I think it started in college cooking Sunday dinners for which ever guys we could con into coming over. Then I picked something random I wanted to learn how to make just to say I could--Chocolate Cream Pie (from scratch, no Jello Pudding Mix or premade pie crust for me). I have no clue why I chose that, but I could guess some guy probably mentioned in passing that it was his favorite.

So back to the current NOT holiday. I think the Super Bowl is my favorite Sunday of the year. I make tons of totally not healthy stuff and I watch football and commercials at my in-laws house. They have a nice big flat screen TV and my father in law usually cooks some other delicious foods. Babies run around wild with all ten of us crammed into the family room together.

On the menu tomorrow:

Shasta Root Beer and Tiki Punch (because I don't have ads like TAMN)
Grilled Steak Kabobs
Red Grapes
Carrott Sticks & Celery
Hot Artichoke Dip
Pico De Gallo
Cowboy Nachos
Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Mmmm, my mouth is watering thinking about it now.

What are you having for the NOT Holiday? Or do you miss this wonderful excuse to cook and eat?

PS - I used to feel guilty for watching this game (but I always still watched it), and then last year a leader from Salt Lake (not naming names to protect the somewhat innocent) was at our stake conference the week before the Superbowl, and he mentioned he and his family would be watching the game as usual, while his wife grilled ribs. And then he mentioned he was glad his wife was not traveling with him because she would be none too thrilled with his announcement from the pulpit...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

BUH-mp It

Back in the fall of 99, my best friend and I headed off to Utah and all the crazy culture of BYU. Upon arrival we joked about the big Utah hair, or BUH for short. We laughed that it was some kind of weird twist on a hairstyle of the 80's. They were "like so behind" (because we were/are so hip and cool).

This hairstyle consisted of girls kind of teasing up their hair or a little pouf of hair at the front or crown of their head to make it look all stylish and cool. Oh how we laughed about the BUH.

Five years later, I moved back to good ol' Cali and my little sister was doing the BUH thing too, and lest you think she picked up the trick at EFY or some other Mormon pilgrimage, her non-LDS friends were doing it and showed her the technique. I cringed when I would see it because I remembered the jokes.

Now, I believe that BUH has taken the country by storm. I see it on TV and I saw quite a few girls doing it "that one time" I went to the mall.

My suspicion of the popularity was confirmed when I saw an infomercial for this handy BUH-mp IT tool. Could it look good on me? But the real question is should I "pump a pony" or "rock a bob?"

My next trip to Utah was for Women's Conference and I realized that BUH now stands for Blonde Utah Hair. Preferably with lots of streaks. Which leads to yet another dilemma, should I get a bump it to give my hair a bit of volume? or should I skip that trend all together and just bleach it since Utah obviously leads the way with hairstyles?

Monday, January 19, 2009

UFC Cage Fighting Edition

When both babies wake up from their nap I take Alyson into Callie's room to change her diaper while I leave Callie in her crib. Occassionally I need to do a task that I would prefer to not be holding a baby for and I usually leave Callie in her crib and Alyson on the floor, but with Alyson's new found mobility I can't trust her not to crawl away now so while I was working in Callie's room the other day I decided to try to put Alyson in Callie's crib. Generally the two of them fight like a cat and dog, stealing toys or hitting each other.

I was so delighted, what I thought would be baby cage fighting, turned out to be quite the opposite.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Candy Bar Bandit

The other day I was eating a Snickers (because it satisfies) when I realized Callie needed a diaper change. I regretfully sat down the candy bar to take care of business and while I was washing my hands afterward she made her move. Jeff called it the old poop distraction trick--gets me everytime.
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Monday, January 12, 2009

Baby Got Back

For some reason we (Jeff and I) find it hilarious to say what we believe Callie is thinking and would say herself if she could.

Our conversation last night.

Me (as myself):When Callie walks she sticks out her butt.

Jeff (as Callie):If I didn't stick out my butt how else would I get the boys?

Me (as Callie):With my milkshake.

Okay, so maybe Jeff and I are the only ones who find it funny, but I am laughing as I post it now, so at least it is good for a couple of chuckles from the peanut gallery.

Monday, January 5, 2009

A Future Jon(i) Schmidt

While I have never seen Jon Schmidt in concert I have heard he plays the piano with his feet (Traci, correct me if I'm wrong).

Callie decided to regale us with some music on Christmas Eve.

Only a few more years until she is old enough for piano lessons. Hopefully, by then she will become more discriminating in her musical taste and abilities.
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