Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy and Sad

So tonight had the makings to be awesome.

Oregon State vs. USC could have been a blow out. But it wasn't. As the game started I told Jeff "if Oregon State wins this, it could be the best night ever, because tonight is also the premier of the office."

So, we had the DVR set. I finished watching the game knowing my precious episode of the office was being recorded. I know what some of you might be thinking. I am often a technology clutz and I probably set it up wrong.

I will have you know though I did set it up correctly. And because The Office is so important to me, I even checked to make sure the recording was working properly before I resumed watching the game. The game ended.

Oregon State won! Fans rushed the field! It was awesome!

Then I went to watch my beloved. It was there and I was laughing for a solid 20 minutes. Then the purple screen of death made me want to poke out my eyeballs. It seems KCRA was having a few problems tonight and so the following 49 minutes and 45 seconds was purple screen with the occasional blue screen that stated they knew they were having problems, please don't call them.

Spoiler Alert:

Now I know Toby is in a hospital somewhere, for something, and he probably had a joke somewhere in that last 15 seconds, but I wouldn't know because even though the picture came back for that brief time, the sound was still gone. Lovely!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Callie has tried the swings at the park a few times now and she throughly enjoys it. I also love these pictures because you can really see a couple of her sharp little chompers!
(oh and there are two pictures because I couldn't choose which was cuter)

I also love that our house is close enough to the park for a small child to walk there, and far enough away that people don't park in front of my house when they are at the park.
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Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Happiest News Since The Hiccups Stopped

On Friday night the hiccups stopped.

Then on Saturday, my beloved BYU Cougars renewed my joy.

Not that I could see the game... (please note dish network really needs to add The Mtn. to its programming, since I am sure your decision makers read my blog, kthanx)

59-0!!! Rise and Shout Cougar Fans!!!

This was one of those games when BYU was up 59-0 with :39 left in the third quarter, my friends would have tried to convince me to leave... I would have stayed. I am that friend. They would have been annoyed with me, but stayed, because they are those friends (aren't they great, PS sorry about that, oh and sorry about the apartment dates -- hopefully you aren't too damaged by either)

I am feeling a little poetic right now as I have joined Facebook (if you aren't my friend yet, request me so I can find you) and it is kind of fun, but also it makes me feel old, as this fall will be my ten year reunion. But it is late, so instead, I will shout victory from the roof for the MWC, because this was a seriously good weekend for us.

Utah beat Utah State
New Mexico beat Arizona
TCU beat Stanford
Air Force beat Houston
Wyoming beat North Dakota State
UNLV beat No. 13/15 Arizona State


Utah is ranked 20th


BYU is ranked 11/14!!!

Last but certainly not least, Go Max Hall. If I had neighbors who cared I would put a big sign in my window each week noting his total passing yards, but alas, I no longer live in Provo, and while there are a few BYU alumni in the neighborhood I don't think they walk by often enough to care (besides I don't think neighborhood traffic is as good as blog traffic) (does anyone besides me remember the apartment in Heritage Halls Fall of 99 that had a counter for Feterik's passing yards? anyone, anyone... okay, so I'm a freak) (and I think the parentheses of my random thoughts are a little annoying don't you?).

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Hiccup Remedy That Worked

So I get terrible, body shaking, headache inducing, violent hiccups. I don't get them often (maybe once a month or so), and they really haven't been so bad since I am no longer pregnant or recovering from major abdominal surgery.

Then on Wednesday they struck again. It was horrible. I hiccuped when singing lullabies, feeding babies, and talking on the phone. At around lunch time my long time friend called and our conversation was interrupted by the awful quaking squeaks. She recommended I drink a glass of water while plugging my ears. I laughed as I imagined trying this endeavor on my own and imagining the spilled water I would be cleaning up. She then explained to just hold the cup with the heels of my hands and plug the ears with my fingers.

By the time our conversation was over the hiccups were gone again. Only for them to return two more times during the course of the day. I tried other remedies, holding my breath, drinking water, doing breathing relaxation exercises, to no avail. Eventually, the hiccups would go away on their own each time.

Then after dinner they struck again as I was doing dishes. I took a glass and finally tried Traci's suggestion.

It worked. I should have known she was right all along and just put her on hold to drink the water, but I didn't. I probably really shouldn't have admitted I didn't do it all day long, just because I didn't think it would work, especially when someone I know and trust explicitly, recommended it to me.

The point is it worked. Sorry. No photo demonstrations for this one right now. Maybe later if I am feeling adventurous.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Last of The Cool Ranch Stuff

While I was out at the ranch I couldn't resist pretending like I was cool and taking a few scenery pictures. How cool is this view off the back patio?
These flowers are at the edge of the grass off the patio.
This pumpkin is monstrous. I should have put Callie on top of it to give ya'all a relative size.
And last but not least, hard chain, soft roses... poetic, isn't it?
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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Horsing Around

Reading Callie's mind, I don't know about that big thing... He's big and he runs fast...

Okay, now I want to touch him and that hotwire!

Mom, are you seriously still taking pictures? You really haven't gotten the perfect shot in one of the first 56 pictures you took?

My favorite horse of all... Daddy makes the best horse noises!
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Monday, September 8, 2008


I am pretty sure when Jeff grows up he wants to live on a ranch. He wants about 12 dogs, which will all have names from Tolkein or Robert Jordan characters.

Until he grows up and gets the ranch (or at least a couple of the 12 dogs in his dream) we will be content ranch sitting for friends when they are out of town.
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Monday, September 1, 2008

Baby Mohawk

After swimming at Grandma's, Aunt Jen took this picture of Callie's new do.
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