Saturday, February 23, 2008

Another New Blogger Enters Blogland

Hi There Friends!

I have decided to follow the trend and create a blog. This is my first new leap into internet communication since instant messaging. I missed the whole myspace thing, and I have yet to try facebook... So if I mess things up forgive me and just chalk it up to my lack of knowledge.

I don't know where I will take my blog. It will likely be a bunch of pictures of my sweet little baby girl. Sorry if that bores you, we think she is pretty cute. I will probably have a few posts regarding the ironies of the world, littered with saracasm.

To conclude this post I will leave a little detail about our family. I am Laura, a new mom. Before becoming a stay at home mom, I worked as a petal pusher. I love flowers. In 2003, I graduated from BYU. My husband on the other hand went to the University of Utah, the archrival of BYU. Luckily, we have a common hometown that we came back to settle in. Right now, he does AutoCAD computer drafting for new construction and remodels. Our baby girl Callie was born in December 2007! We were so excited for her arrival! We waited three years for her to come to our family.

smiling callie

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Traci said...

Its about time you started a blog! It was good to see a newer picture of Callie (but post it bigger next time :-). I look forward to your "boring" posts about being a stay at home mom (and lots of cute pictures).