Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Hiccup Remedy That Worked

So I get terrible, body shaking, headache inducing, violent hiccups. I don't get them often (maybe once a month or so), and they really haven't been so bad since I am no longer pregnant or recovering from major abdominal surgery.

Then on Wednesday they struck again. It was horrible. I hiccuped when singing lullabies, feeding babies, and talking on the phone. At around lunch time my long time friend called and our conversation was interrupted by the awful quaking squeaks. She recommended I drink a glass of water while plugging my ears. I laughed as I imagined trying this endeavor on my own and imagining the spilled water I would be cleaning up. She then explained to just hold the cup with the heels of my hands and plug the ears with my fingers.

By the time our conversation was over the hiccups were gone again. Only for them to return two more times during the course of the day. I tried other remedies, holding my breath, drinking water, doing breathing relaxation exercises, to no avail. Eventually, the hiccups would go away on their own each time.

Then after dinner they struck again as I was doing dishes. I took a glass and finally tried Traci's suggestion.

It worked. I should have known she was right all along and just put her on hold to drink the water, but I didn't. I probably really shouldn't have admitted I didn't do it all day long, just because I didn't think it would work, especially when someone I know and trust explicitly, recommended it to me.

The point is it worked. Sorry. No photo demonstrations for this one right now. Maybe later if I am feeling adventurous.

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Traci said...

I'm glad it worked! Like I said it is my Mom's remedy, so I guess you have her to thank! :)