Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Happiest News Since The Hiccups Stopped

On Friday night the hiccups stopped.

Then on Saturday, my beloved BYU Cougars renewed my joy.

Not that I could see the game... (please note dish network really needs to add The Mtn. to its programming, since I am sure your decision makers read my blog, kthanx)

59-0!!! Rise and Shout Cougar Fans!!!

This was one of those games when BYU was up 59-0 with :39 left in the third quarter, my friends would have tried to convince me to leave... I would have stayed. I am that friend. They would have been annoyed with me, but stayed, because they are those friends (aren't they great, PS sorry about that, oh and sorry about the apartment dates -- hopefully you aren't too damaged by either)

I am feeling a little poetic right now as I have joined Facebook (if you aren't my friend yet, request me so I can find you) and it is kind of fun, but also it makes me feel old, as this fall will be my ten year reunion. But it is late, so instead, I will shout victory from the roof for the MWC, because this was a seriously good weekend for us.

Utah beat Utah State
New Mexico beat Arizona
TCU beat Stanford
Air Force beat Houston
Wyoming beat North Dakota State
UNLV beat No. 13/15 Arizona State


Utah is ranked 20th


BYU is ranked 11/14!!!

Last but certainly not least, Go Max Hall. If I had neighbors who cared I would put a big sign in my window each week noting his total passing yards, but alas, I no longer live in Provo, and while there are a few BYU alumni in the neighborhood I don't think they walk by often enough to care (besides I don't think neighborhood traffic is as good as blog traffic) (does anyone besides me remember the apartment in Heritage Halls Fall of 99 that had a counter for Feterik's passing yards? anyone, anyone... okay, so I'm a freak) (and I think the parentheses of my random thoughts are a little annoying don't you?).


Jamie said...

Actually, I went over to have dinner at Bro. Larsen's house yesterday (Institute teacher), and he was talking about the BYU game. He asked if I kept up with it and I said it was a little hard to get receptions for those games on the east coast (especially if you don't have a TV). I told him I did keep track in college, though, because my friends had a wall with a cut-out of all the BYU games, stats, and so forth. So, ha! I do remember.

Traci said...

People around here actually kind of care (probably not a ton though). I guess Max Hall went to high school in Mesa and they talk about him on the news for a few seconds after every game.

Jane @ What About Mom? said...

Whoa, you lost me right after the score. Go Cougars!!