Saturday, March 1, 2008

Another One Bites The Dust

Since the second week of January we have been attempting to buy a home. I had no idea how difficult it would be. I went in a little naive. We have since made offers on several homes, had several homes we would have made offers on-had they not already been sold or had 5+ offers pending, seen several homes that are near being condemned, and signed my name to more forms than I can even count.

Many of you knew we were in escrow for the purchase of a home. The escrow had been extended once already due to some delays on the part of the seller. During the inspection we found there were some possible problems with the hvac (heating & a/c). Yesterday, the seller admitted there were MAJOR problems, which they allegedly did not know about until now... So after a month in escrow we are backing out. It stinks. We were so close to home ownership and it has now slipped from view again and while we aren't quite back at square one it is a little frustrating.

I do feel like we are going to be getting something a lot better. So today I put the pen to the paper again. We are bidding on a house across the street from the other one we were in escrow for. It might work out it might not. Time will tell... hopefully about 30 days worth of time to be in escrow for it all to work out.

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