Thursday, March 13, 2008


Yesterday started out great. My dad is here visiting and we went to visit my sister and her new baby. After a while there we all went to dinner together and then drove by the new house. Upon arriving at home we opened the front door to find the house had been ransacked. They got a few things of value, my laptop, social security card, and a credit card. There was a message on our answering machine from the credit card company with a fraud alert. The credit card company stopped activity on the credit card after the fourth tank of gas was purchased. A few other things were missing they emptied my jewelery box (had nothing of more than $40 or $50 value and the credit card), carried out the laptop in the bag, took a power tool set (which had several pieces in various locations), and went through a file cabinet to take my social security card, leaving behind Callie's (next to mine) and Jeff's (in the bedroom). A few other random things are missing: a prescription of mine (I hope they decide to take it for kicks and it gives them their period :), that would be sweet justice), a travel alarm clock of my dads, they cleaned out our change jars, and took about $3 worth of change off a dresser, and my dads car keys (again sweet justice because they probably thought the keys would start his rental car that was in the driveway, but they are for a car parked 2/3 of a continent away in Tennessee). They also got my cell phone which had a dead battery (though I think they took the charger too), so for now (and maybe forever) I don't have a cell phone so don't bother trying to call me on it. We do still have Jeff's, as it was with us. There were several other things too, but I won't bore you all with the details.

The really terrible thing is the feeling of violation though. They went through my underwear drawer. They touched my bed, sat on my couch, and took away the secure feeling I have in my home. I hope they will be caught and will feel remorse... it would be nice to get the "stuff" back, but it is just "stuff". Last night I was so grateful for our family, that we were together and safe. I was also grateful for the things that were still here. My photos, my memories are still here, and again just extreme gratitude that we were safe--oh and a little bit of rage that I think I would be able to take out if we could find the cowards who did this (they struck during the middle of the day after we believe they knocked on the door and found out no one was home).

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Robin said...

Oh my goodness Laura, that is awful! I am so sorry. That is so awful.