Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What Day of The Week Is It?

I am ashamed of myself. I had to really think about what day of the week it was. I don't know if I have had to think that hard about it since we had calender time in first grade where you held the pointer and said "Today is Wednesday April 30, 2008." And pointed at each of those things on the calender while saying it. I guess there was also high school when my Spanish 1 teacher was unexpectedly late and the department chair came in, and to occupy us asked us to tell her the date in Spanish. Was it Miercoles o Jovenes? No one in the class could answer in a correct sentence. She was angry at us... like we were the ones to blame when no one in a class of 40+ could answer... I am sure it wasn't the fault of the teacher who was late to school... we were the lops? (don't worry I ended up having the department chair for Spanish 2 and I did end up actually learning some Spanish and liking the department chair as a teacher and a person).

Anyway, back to my post. This week is flying by. It is Wednesday already. Where did Monday and Tuesday go? I guess I need to kick it into gear so I can try to make up those "lost" days.

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