Monday, January 12, 2009

Baby Got Back

For some reason we (Jeff and I) find it hilarious to say what we believe Callie is thinking and would say herself if she could.

Our conversation last night.

Me (as myself):When Callie walks she sticks out her butt.

Jeff (as Callie):If I didn't stick out my butt how else would I get the boys?

Me (as Callie):With my milkshake.

Okay, so maybe Jeff and I are the only ones who find it funny, but I am laughing as I post it now, so at least it is good for a couple of chuckles from the peanut gallery.


jjstringham said...

James & I used to do that all the time with both kids. Once they started talking we started doing it less and less. Probably because the things that were coming out of their own mouths were way funnier than the things we came up with.

Robin said...

I actually thought that was pretty funny. It made me laugh. I do that all the time too. I think something is just hilarious. I'm laughing my head off as I post it then I think... maybe other people won't find it as funny. Oh well. At least it's written down so I can remember it!

Jeffer said...

At the time I laughed very hard at our (Callie's) witty reparte but I if ever come to have this conversation with my daughter in actuality GUNS WILL BE BOUGHT!!