Saturday, January 24, 2009

BUH-mp It

Back in the fall of 99, my best friend and I headed off to Utah and all the crazy culture of BYU. Upon arrival we joked about the big Utah hair, or BUH for short. We laughed that it was some kind of weird twist on a hairstyle of the 80's. They were "like so behind" (because we were/are so hip and cool).

This hairstyle consisted of girls kind of teasing up their hair or a little pouf of hair at the front or crown of their head to make it look all stylish and cool. Oh how we laughed about the BUH.

Five years later, I moved back to good ol' Cali and my little sister was doing the BUH thing too, and lest you think she picked up the trick at EFY or some other Mormon pilgrimage, her non-LDS friends were doing it and showed her the technique. I cringed when I would see it because I remembered the jokes.

Now, I believe that BUH has taken the country by storm. I see it on TV and I saw quite a few girls doing it "that one time" I went to the mall.

My suspicion of the popularity was confirmed when I saw an infomercial for this handy BUH-mp IT tool. Could it look good on me? But the real question is should I "pump a pony" or "rock a bob?"

My next trip to Utah was for Women's Conference and I realized that BUH now stands for Blonde Utah Hair. Preferably with lots of streaks. Which leads to yet another dilemma, should I get a bump it to give my hair a bit of volume? or should I skip that trend all together and just bleach it since Utah obviously leads the way with hairstyles?


Robin said...

Holy cow!!! I've only seen it once here and it was on the lady who lives in the $2.1 million dollar house, so I thought maybe you're allowed to do that when you achieve that kind of wealth. I can't believe there's a product to make your hair do that. It seems so... Utah. You won't be seeing it on me!

jjstringham said...

James and I laugh every time we see that commercial. He wants to get one for himself now. :-P

Traci said...

I don't think I have seen that infomercial yet. But seriously, every time I get my hair cut in Utah the stylist tries to BUH my hair. The last time she asked if she could "add volume" (AKA buh) in the back and I said no. Then she said, baffled, "oh you don't like that kind of thing?"

Atwoods said...

hi laura,
i don't know you, but i saw you commented on my dearsavvyshopper blog --- thanks!

in reference to your q about utah hair, NO! DON'T GIVE IN! i've never understood the ratted-poof or the streaks either.

from the looks of your profile pic, you have very beautiful dark long hair. there's no need to color your skin orange from the tanning salon and bleach your hair. there's just no need.