Friday, March 6, 2009

Chaos on the homefront too

Callie has a stomach bug. When she was just a wee little boo we both had the stomach flu, but this was her first time with throwing up real food.

It was disgusting.

I knew it would be, but all those people who said it would be easier when I had a child lied. I put up with more, like showering with her while she screamed at 4 am, drying and getting her dressed without putting her down so I could so much as get a towel, and then rocking her even when her breath stunk to high heaven.

As bad as I make it sound though, I wouldn't trade it to help my poor sick baby. I wish I could take all the pain away. There is nothing that makes me feel so inadequate as a mother as dealing with a sick baby.

The chaos ensued today when I was changing Callie's diaper and taking her temp. Alyson decided to try to suck on the diaper pail. Callie took my distraction as a chance to try to escape. I moved the diaper pail and assumed all was well with the child on the floor, not realizing that in Callie's escape attempt she had knocked the Vaseline off the changing table. Since Aly couldn't suck on the diaper pail she decided to play in the Vaseline instead.

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