Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Self Portraits

In looking at the millions of pictures amassed since Callie's birth there are approximately 42 that include me. Most of those include a nursing baby and/or me asleep with my hair in a state of disarray that was not even possible before I had a child (thus giving up daily brushing).

Back before the days of the digital camera the self portraits were the ones I took at the end of the roll just so I could get it developed, and they were usually placed in the trashcan upon viewing. But in today's world of the digital trash can (which is so much more convenient, not to mention cheaper) I can click to my hearts content and occasionally one might turn out that is cute enough to share with the world.

Do you have any self photos that you love, or any tips I might use for improving my own?
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Robin said...

I had an "ack" moment sometime after each kid turned 1 when I realized I had no good pictures of me with them. The few times I did try, nothing turned out. I'm fairly convinced that the only secret to good pictures of kids and a grownup is taking zillions and zillions of them with the hopes that just one shot will look good.