Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Have You Seen These Posts?

So a couple days almost a week ago, I promised Traci I would post some links to some of my favorite blogs that day. I still haven't done it, so I guess the time has arrived. When I was talking to her I realized I hadn't updated the list of blogs I read and occasionally comment on. Then there was a new way to list blogs, and I realized I don't read all the ones I had listed before... So basically a big list of excuses, when all you really want is the reading assignment suggestion.

A few favorites:
Seriously So Blessed-- A total Mormon Mommy Blog satire. It is written by a grad student who attends the University of Utah and she is a relatively new mom, but is keeping her identity a secret all while she rakes in the readers. Check out today's post and this one from a couple weeks back.

What About Mom--I have been following the life of Jane for quite a while (like 6 months and that is forever in blog-time). I originally saw her comment on someone else's site about singing Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam and I figured she was a Mormon Mommy Blogger and I went to check out her blog. She is really talented. Anyway, her last three posts have made me giggle and I would love to make ya'all laugh too, so you should go check 'em out. In order of my personal giggle factor, The one dish towel day, Throughly unworthy emotions, and What's in your cupholder.

The last bit I will note today is California Proposition 8. Proposition 8 defines marriage as a union between a man and woman. I fully support this measure for moral and religious reasons. Over the past few weeks, a friend of mine has been doing a great job posting about Proposition 8 and the implications of it on her site. My sister in law also sent me this link to a site an individual put together. Or you can go to the Protect Marriage site and see some of the ads and implications there.

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Jane @ What About Mom? said...

Laura -- Thanks for your kind words -- they made my day!

Seriously, So Blessed is hilarious! She just gets better and better. Though sometimes I find myself thinking, "Hey, wait a minute, there!"