Friday, October 3, 2008

Travel In Style

For the first two months of babysitting Alyson I was pretty much house bound because I couldn't figure out how to effectively travel with both children and no double stroller. I had pretty lofty goals for my double stroller. I wanted something that folded up pretty compactly and tandem (notice the one I got is side by side, not tandem), be in good shape, and cost less than $40 (I was planning on buying used).

I sacrificed on the tandem thing because I was able to get such a good deal on this stroller. I found it on EBay as a pick up only item. It was about an hour and a half drive away from here, but we took the chance to go to the coast for the day and try a seafood restaurant several friends had recommended to us (Barbara's Fishtrap in Half Moon Bay if you were wondering).

After using it for the past couple months now, I really don't mind that it isn't tandem. It would be a little hard to use if I went to clothes stores, but I don't so it isn't a problem. It works fine in grocery stores, going for walks around the park, and it actually fits through a standard size door. Not too bad for 11.50!
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Rachel Keyser said...

We LOVE Barbara's! We go there just about every time we go to Half Moon Bay. Also, gotta love Ebay (and Craigslist for that matter...that's where I found my double stroller)!

jjstringham said...

Tandem isn't all that great. Or at least mine isn't. It's still hard to go to clothes stores. So I would've totally gone for yours. Good buy!

Veronica said...

FYI, I hate the tandem stroller we have, I want a side by side. I always have the one in back bopping the one in front in the head or kicking the seat.