Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Grandpa Fast came for a visit last week and at first he suggested going to Monterey. He later tried to change his mind saying he didn't know how the babies would do. Jeff, Shelly and I tried to reassure him that all would be well, babies would sleep in the car and it would indeed be a lovely trip. We were right only on the last count. It was a fun trip, but sleep was definitely lacking. It turns out when babies are face to face with their mama's they see no good reason to sleep. So the trip to and from included crying and sadness, but for some reason, even with the small amount of sleep, they were both so well behaved while there. For us, given the choice between a happy baby in the car, or a happy baby in a restaurant and museum, we'll take the happy baby in public. What can we say? We like to keep up good appearances!

The wind was pretty intense, but it made the ocean gorgeous. After we left the wharf, we drove down cannery row and then drove along the coast for a ways just before seventeen mile drive. The ocean had this really pretty green, aqua, seaglass color that you can kind of see in the middle of this picture.
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