Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fraggle Rock

A few weeks back, I caved to Jeff's pressure and finally put pigtails in Callie's hair for church.

There was a slight flaw in his plan. How still is a 10 month old going to sit while her mother tries to figure out how to get pigtails in, somewhat symetrical, and maybe not too bumpy? After we had to hog tie her to put them in, Jeff said I put them too far forward on her head and that she looked like a bug, and maybe we should take them out.

I disagree. I think she looks more like a Fraggle.

Oh, and I made her wear her hair like that to church, because she needs to learn to sit still or people will laugh at her, because I am into old school parenting like that.

PS That post I have been promising for a couple of days? It just might not happen, like ever. I can't get it to come together. After we got home from doing a small service project I was feeling all happy, and on that service high, you know the feeling... Anyway, the feeling has faded, and the idea for the post is pretty much gone too.
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Traci said...

Awesome. Anna's pigtails started like that, but now have morphed in to more normal looking pigtails. I totally sympathize with you on the wiggly child thing. I usually do Anna's hair while she is in her high chair or sitting on the bathroom counter with her feet in the sink (she loves sitting there). Usually, though, I do her hair and less than an hour later she has taken it out.

Veronica said...

Fraggle, bug: she is still cute. And that happens to me all the time about post ideas....