Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Way To Healing

The best way to heal a sick toddler?

Schedule a dr.'s appointment.

Her fever went down steadily beginning just before I called and set up the appointment. It went up again in route to the office, and since we left has been going down, down, doooooowwwwwn (imagine that gopher from Winnie The Pooh saying it with a bit of a lysp as he falls in a hole, hehe).

Since we returned home, and collected the urine sample (the fun story on that tomorrow, I know, isn't it fun to have something to look forward to?), she has started eating again and is a lot more active.

Hopefully the doc giving her the once over is all it will take to kick this bug's trash (hopefully, just like BYU will kick U trash this weekend!

1 comment:

jjstringham said...

Eww. Urine sample. Fun.

In our family the act of showing up at the dr tends to be enough to heal them. Apparently the two-minute drive there does miracles and by the time they're in to see the dr everything is all better. Too bad it didn't work the same for you. (I'm really glad I haven't had to deal with collecting urine from a baby)