Thursday, November 6, 2008

My 6 Quirks

I think this is the first time I have been tagged in a blog! Yea! Thanks Jamie!

My six quirks:

1. The first odd thing that comes to mind is my HATRED of cotton balls. Seriously. I know you are laughing. They are just so, bleh, it is like fingernails on a chalkboard. The only thing worse than the cotton balls, is pulling cotton balls apart. Yeck. On that same line, I don't wear fleece clothes if they feel too much like cotton balls and I don't like to pull wet sweaters out of the washing machine. Oh and if there is a cotton ball in the top of a bottle of medicine, I use tweezers to get it out.

2. My favorite food is salsa, which is normally a condiment. If it is a good pico de gallo, I will eat it with a spoon. And the best way to get good salsa is to either make it yourself or if you're feeling lazy, buy it from a taqueria/Mexican restaurant.

3. When loading the dishwasher I prefer the silverware handles all pointing up, that way when they are unloaded, no one is touching the part I eat off of.

4. My family called me big foot when I was in high school because of my "huge" feet, but in college I wore the smallest size of almost all of my roommates (I think there were 26 total roommates and only Bekabootwo, had smaller feet than me, I wear a size 7-7.5, which is pretty average).

5. After every shower I have to use a Q-Tip to clean/dry my ears (sorry Traci). After Traci told me it was bad to use Q-Tips when we were in college, I stopped for about a month, but then one day I did it again and I haven't looked back since.

6. I don't like plain chocolate. Mix in some caramel, or even better, some peanut butter and it is delish. Dark chocolate and semi-sweet are also not tasty, so when I make Chocolate Chip Cookies, I always use milk chocolate.

Now for six people to tag... I only know of one person who reads my blog often enough to tag (besides Traci and Jamie, who were already tagged), so I guess it goes to Robin if you want.


jjstringham said...

You have much more entertaining quirks than I have. While I can eat straight chocolate, I definitely prefer making chocolate chip cookies with milk chocolate chips. That's all I buy actually (with the exception of peanut butter chips. . . yummy).

And size 7 feet is not average! It's tiny! But then, you're a tiny person.

Traci said...

I was laughing at the cotton ball part. It was so easy to torture you if we so desired :). As for q-tips, well, confesion, I started using them again too a few years ago. I just figure that as long as I'm not producing tons of wax (which I don't, eew) and am not shoving the q-tip to the ear drum I should be fine. I was just indoctrinated by my professors. Plus some people got defensive (Dave and others) when I tried to save them from future ear wax problems so I kept doing it just to bug them. He he he.