Monday, November 3, 2008

Scary Politics

The election season is a scary time, but don't worry, this political watchdog has our backs.

Under her watchful eye, there won't be any monkey business

Sorry, you have now reached the end of my not so witty puns comparing Halloween and the elections.

Halloween was fun. Callie was pretty good for all of our constant dressing and undressing her as we showed her off to friends and family. The same went for Alyson. Since the weather was still so warm and their costumes so fluffy they were both miserably hot. Shelly came with us to our ward trunk or treat and party and by the end of it, Callie was just in tights and a body suit, Alyson's top was unzipped, and it was "Babies Gone Wild, Halloween Edition."
Stay tuned for tomorrows political commentary.

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