Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Thanksgiving Meme

This holiday I am thankful for at least these 100 things:

(also, so as to avoid any public ridicule, over analyzing, these are just in the order they popped into my head, there is no double meaning in the order, k?)

1. Jeff
2. Callie
3. Church
4. Mom
5. Sisters
6. Dad
7. In-laws
8. Nieces (no nephews)
9. Home
10. Friends
11. BYU
12. Football
13. A Shower
14. Fresh Bread
15. White turkey meat
16. Computer
17. Blogs To Read
18. Health
19. Milk
20. In A Fridge
21. For Cereal
22. A Lemon Tree
23. Washing Machines
24. Dishwashers
25. Telephones
26. Our Car
27. Coastal day trips
28. Callie's First Birthday
29. A Comfy Lazy Boy
30. To Nurse In
31. The University of Utah (for paying Jeff to go to school)
32. Salsa
33. Cost Less
34. Day After Thanksgiving Sales
35. Good Books To Read
36. The Scriptures
37. Food storage
38. Clomid (not now, we aren't there yet)
39. A Camera
40. Photos
41. Videos
42. Sleep
43. Hospitals
44. Their staffs
45. Fuddrucker's Hamburgers
46. Guacamole
47. French Fries
48. Tacos (I'm starting to sound hungry, dinner isn't for another 3 hours 45 min, darn)
49. My friends families
50. Missions
51. Rain
52. Automatic Sprinklers
53. Snow (even if I haven't seen any for nearly 3 years!)
54. Christmas music
55. The Temple
56. Marriage
57. The Prophet
58. Yummy smells
59. Flowers
60. That I was able to work with flowers for 4 years
61. That I don't work (away from home)
62. To watch Alyson
63. 5:00
64. Grandparents
65. Carpet
66. Air conditioning
67. Central Heat
68. The postal service (especially of Jasper, TN who made my Dad's day a couple years back on Christmas Eve.) (maybe I will post that story later, it is one that makes me cry with happiness when I think about it)
69. Stories that make you cry because you see how great people can be.
70. Baby naps
71. Two baby naps at the same time
72. Socks my husband will wear for 15 minutes to warm them up before he gives them to me
73. Instant Messenger
74. Windows to let in sunshine when I can't be outside
75. Homegrown tomatoes
76. Jamie for giving me the idea for this post
77. That I made it to number 77 before really having to stop to think
78. Education
79. Insurance
80. The mountains
81. The chance I had to live in the mountains, if only for a summer
82. TV
83. The feeling of satisfaction when you've done something hard
84. That I can do hard things
85. The edit post button when I realize I hit publish without proofreading
86. Hope
87. Country music
88. Beautiful piano music
89. ok, music in general
90. Babies laughter
91. Seeing babies dance
92. Cinnamon Rolls
93. Pantene Pro-V
94. The ability to walk,
95. run,
96. dance
97. That one day we will payoff our house
98. Hugs
99. Kisses
100. that you were bored kind enough to read this far

1 comment:

Shelly said...

I love that the first thing that popped in your mind after watching Alyson was 5:00 :D I too am thankful for my job, as well as when it ends each day. And especially thankful that my caregiver is understanding when sometimes 5:00 turns into 5:30, 6:00, 7:00..... you are the best!