Monday, November 10, 2008

Wishing and Hoping

My husband and his dreams of winning a Publishers Clearinghouse giveaway are starting to rub off on me. is giving away an Epson Artisan 800 printer.

This printer has had a blogger press lately, mostly because I think people are getting paid to say how wonderful this printer is, but maybe it's true and it can perfectly capture the photo of walking on water.

So I am supposed to tell you all the reasons I would love to win this printer and how it would change my life to get an extra entry in the contest.

1. My husband is tired of having to print stuff for me at work. I am tired of making him do it.

2. This thing has a scanner, and that would mean I could scan humiliating photos of my friends and family myself from the past to share with the blogosphere.

3. I could save, like a million dollars, by printing my own coupons.

4. Pretty much, I just want to win and this would be a great thing to win.

Now you can go here to enter too, but remember, if you win, think of the little people (aka me) who don't have a printer, and consider sending it my way instead, kthanx!

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