Tuesday, November 4, 2008

This Election Day...

This election day, I am voting according to my conscience. I have prayed over each of my choices and I am voting for the best for our nation, my family and me.

That being said, elections aren't all that simple for me. I am a pretty black and white kind of person. If I am right, then you must be wrong. What makes politics palatable for me though is that I know when it is all said and done there aren't really any completely black and white choices. Do I think Obama or McCain is really the best for all aspects of the job? Not so much. They both have their good and bad points.

The same goes for many of the ballot initiatives. Most of them have points that are good, and if my pockets were a bit deeper, I would be great with adding on some more taxes to fund a road project that I agree with on (some points of), but since Jeff and I have been married (just over 5 years) one of the roads on their projected project list is a road that has been resurfaced 3 times. While other roads (on our side of the creek) have been in a continuously deteriorating state of disrepair since I left for college (maybe all those drives through Nevada made me realize just how bad Modesto's roads really are).

Or voting Yes on a bond measure that Jamie Lee Curtis assures me means no new taxes (really... just how is that bond going to get paid back then), after all it's for the children (I guess since it is for a Children's Hospital, it is only fair for them to have to pay the bill for it when the bonds come due right?)

All that being said, I just wonder about if we should consider how carefully we are budgeting the funds already available.

Right now I would love to have a second car, a new wardrobe, or even some gourmet cheeses, but that just isn't in the cards. I choose to turn the AC off when it would be more comfortable to have it about 5 degrees cooler. I walk to the grocery store if I need things while Jeff is at work. I even make due with the off brand super size bags o' grated cheese.

So for now, I don't think the Bullet train is in the cards for us. I would love to be able to hop on the train and have a short ride up to Sacramento, or even take a super quick trip down to visit my sis in So. Cal. But if the train was done right now I wouldn't be able to afford a bullet train ticket to either of those places, and that is before more of my income would be taken to pay back the bond necessary to pay for it.

I do feel strongly about Proposition 8. Marriage is a union between a man and woman. Period, end of story. This proposition is not going to take away any of the rights of homosexuals, it only restores that marriage is between a man and woman. Gay and lesbian relationships will still have the option of joining in Civil Unions that give them THE SAME legal rights as marriage. I believe this proposition has a lot to do with a definition of marriage and nothing to do with rights. I believe that even if this amendment to the California State Constitution passes, future legislation will be enacted to make it a requirement for adding homosexual education to current sex education in public schools (while I believe it would happen, I don't support this). I believe passing this amendment would protect religious groups and their first amendment right to practice their religion. I fear that if this amendment fails it is one more way for judges, lawyers, and government to dictate who (my church in particular) must allow to be married.

Life will go on if the voters disagree with these particular measures. I will somehow be able to pay my bills and my faith will not be shaken. I believe in our system of government and even if things get really crazy for the next four, eight, twelve years, I know that eventually things will get turned around.

Last but certainly not least, I have been trying to do an exercise the past few weeks (even before I saw the article)... Read all about it here

(I know you have been reading for a really long time, and like the last time I waxed poetic on politics, a lot of it might not make sense, but you really should go read this kind of fluffy article that is better written than what I have had to say, I promise)

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