Saturday, November 29, 2008

Switching Roles

For about the last dozen years or so, my mom, sisters and I always go shopping on Black Friday. We pour over the ads all day Thanksgiving, get a game plan and then we attack. After my sister and I had our license it was even better because we could all hit different stores to get the deals.

My dad, who lives in TN, always said we were crazy. There wasn't a deal in the world that could take him out of bed and into the craze of Black Friday.

Then we had a baby. And my sister had a baby. And we take pictures. Lots and lots of pictures.

And we told him how he could view all of them on email if he would just get a computer. He resisted at first...

But yesterday he caved. He went shopping for a laptop so he could have email and new pictures of babies (who are, I think, officially both toddlers now). He went and waited in line for two hours so he could see pictures of this

and this

a little bit of this

and a few of these
All while my mom, sisters and I slept in and did our Black Friday shopping online, in our pajamas. Next year I am sure he will come back to the dark side and Black Friday shop again... he will just do it online.

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