Friday, November 21, 2008

The Story, In All It's Glory

So doc says she wants to make sure there is no urinary tract (or track?) infection so we need to collect a urine sample just to rule it out.

She tells us this is a relatively easy process accomplished by attaching a baggie over her privates to catch the pee before it hits the diaper.

She must have missed the memo, that when baby has diarrhea, things might not go so easily.

Also note, when babies have said stomach problems, they tend to have diaper rash, thus, leading to a very upset baby when removing said bag o'fluid, which is attached with adhesive to the irritated area.


Veronica said...

yuck! Poor baby, poor mommy!

Traci said...

Yeah, we've been there. No fun! Especially when they tell you the wrong way to collect the sample. Twice! We collected that poo sample 3 stinkin times!