Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How Can Something So Small

Today I was humbled.

Callie made me feel about this big, except maybe a bit smaller.

She really didn't want to take a nap, but I have been trying to keep her to a schedule. Jeff had mentioned that she thought she might be feeling under the weather, but I didn't think so (and I'm the mom, so I should know, right?). She was just having nap rebellion.

Fast forward seven hours from the time I first tried to unsuccessfully put her down (which was followed by 25 min of constant SCREAMING, then holding her for about 30 min with intermittent crying, an hour and a half of feeding and playing littered with each baby taking turns crying, and then another 40 min of SCREAMING, before calm blessed silence for an hour and half, then some more feeding and playing), when I changed her diaper I noticed she felt warm... like HOT. Then I took her temperature.

Definite fever.

Thus shrinking Mommy's ego/pride down to about zero.

Go Me.


Veronica said...

Lauren was doing so well going to bed all by herself... something happened and now all she wants is to be held! Qhat happened? I have no idea!!! Kiddos, you can only just love them and do your best. How close in age are your two anyhow?

jjstringham said...

Don't feel too bad. It happens to everyone. She'll get better and won't even remember that you tried to make her sleep (you mean, mean mom). ;-)