Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Best Chili Ever!

When Jeff and I first got married we would walk to the Trax station in Salt Lake and take it down to the most amazing library. While there we would look at books, read magazines and just hang out (yes, it was that cool).

Once I was reading a great copy of Cooking Light and I came across the simplest sounding chili recipe. I tried it and haven't tried any others because I love it so much.

Check it out, Chunky Vegetarian Chili.

I do make a few modifications. First, I just use one large onion and two bell peppers (preferably, two different colors). Second, I like to add some cayenne pepper to the spices and stir them all in for a minute or two before adding the tomatoes and beans. Third, add some water (or broth, or tomato juice, though I just use water) to cover the beans. And last of all, when you serve it, it is great with some baked tortilla chips, low fat sour cream, and a little bit of cheese!

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