Saturday, July 12, 2008

Later and Later...

Each day of this NaBloPoMo I seem to posting a bit later.

I must say though, Saturday was a pretty good day. Swimming with the fam, a clean house, and stocked cupboards.

Tonight I ventured out to the grocery store after Callie went to sleep. When you are grocery shopping after 9 on a Saturday night there are a lot less people there (unless you live in Utah). It was actually a very relaxing trip.

Grocery shopping is one of those things I sometimes love or sometimes hate. Depending on the list and the store. Tonight I went with a list in hand to the fancy pants grocery store. It opened about 8 months ago and it is super nice and not too far from home. When shopping during the day the expensive parts of the store, bakery, deli, chinese food, takeout, are supa busy, so I don't usually venture over there. Since they were closed, I had a chance to wander around and check out the awesome cheese selections they had (though I was hoping they carried some of that goat cheese I mentioned a while back, but alas, they did not). It did want to make me find some Spanish recipes or Greek recipes because they had some great looking Manchego and Myzithra.

The other thing that made tonights trip pretty good was the percentage of items I bought that were on sale. Each week I read the ads and pick up whatever is on sale, it saves us quite a bit of money. If I want something and I can't buy it for a price I find reasonable I will usually live without it. The whole economics theory... the price people are willing and able to pay. Tonight I didn't have to skimp on any of my groceries so that was pretty awesome!

Anyway, it is 11:30 now and tomorrow will be busy. So good night for now, and maybe tomorrow I will post a little earlier.

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