Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mmm, comfort food

As a child I got the definition of a casserole and a meatloaf mixed up. I knew what a meatloaf was, but I thought a casserole was the same thing. Anyway, for some reason I had an aversion to the said meatloaf casserole.

Then I grew up and married a boy who occassionally ordered meatloaf sandwiches while eating out, so I thought, "hmm, maybe I should try to make meatloaf for the boy." I tried a few recipes and they were okay, but most of them just tasted like a big hamburger to me.

Enter my friend Martha (her blog post about going to the DMV, just like you were actually there, BORING). You might have seen her around at parties before? Maybe gone shopping with her? Read a magazine together? Or maybe you have just watched some afternoon TV with her?

She shared her mom's magnificent meatloaf recipe with me. And because you are all my friends, I don't think she will mind if I share it with you too. I have made it exactly according to the directions in the past and I have also made it with dried parsley (about 2 T) instead of fresh, and whole wheat bread instead of white. Try this recipe, I really think you will like it.

**For some reason Martha's webpage is down right now. So I can't double check to see if the links work. Hopefully they do. If not, sorry I will come back and fix them later.

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