Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I just started a Twitter account the other day when I found out that was how Mrs. Fussypants would be doing her link posts in the future.

I really haven't figured out how it works yet, but I will let ya'all know if it is something I endorse (I know I should endorse it because of all the extra traffic it helped me generate, but I have to try it first).

Last, but certainly not least. Darn Robin for getting me started on this woot stuff. I haven't gotten anything yet, but there is a woot off going on and people are saying there are going to Bags of Crap... I can't sleep until I see what the next item will be and it is LATE! (I can't imagine the east coasters trying for 'em)


Traci said...

Did you see Robin's bag o crap on her blog? It was intersting, but the printer seemed nice. Apparently, the bag o crap is a highly coveted item. Did you get one? I mean three? Because, for some reason, Robin said that you have to buy them in groups of three.
P.S. I wasn't offended by anything in your posts, I promise.

Robin said...

Today they're having a Woot-off. Basically it's one item after another until they sell everything they wanted to. Today is when you sit in front of the comp and do nothing but look for a bag of crap. :) Or unpack and try to get everything organized. Or both. That'd be good.

Alli ~Mrs. Fussypants said...

Yay for twitter! ;)