Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sad to see her go...

Spoiler Alert: Next Food Network Star Elimination

So all 12 of my blog readers know how I love Food Network. When I saw the teasers for the Next Food Network Star I wasn't thrilled at the idea. While I like Food Network, I am usually not really into reality shows (except for the Biggest Loser-it must be the food thing?) and so I did not plan on watching. Then I saw one of the contestants had on a BYU shirt.

My curiosity got the better of me and I had to watch. Kelsey was from North Ogden (I wonder did I scan her groceries at Macey's?) and graduated from BYU and culinary school. As the season has gone on she made it to the final four, but was eliminated in the Las Vegas challenge. Here's my take on Kelsey:

-She reminds me of BYU... (in some ways a good thing, in some ways she can be pretty peppy and well, you know a little too BYU)
-Her camera presence was better than anyone else in the competition
-The dishes she made seem good

The bottom line for why she was eliminated... She is a combination of something they already have. Take Racheal Ray's bubbliness, Giada's good looks, and Paula's homestyle and friendliness, and that is Kelsey. The people making the decisions on who stays or goes are the producers who are trying to create something innovative that will capture an audience, and I don't fault them for that. What I do fault them for is creating a competition to get the best and I do think Kelsey is the best all around package in the competition (I am not just the BYU alumni speaking here). They are trying to get a unique show, which is why they held on to Nipa after she walked out when being constructively criticized. They wanted an Indian cooking show, unfortunately, Nipa is not the person to host it.

My prediction for the next two weeks...

Next week Adam will be eliminated. It doesn't seem like his perspective is nailed down well yet. Also, while he has good camera presence, I have yet to be that impressed by his ideas (for example, I disagree with Rachael Ray--his barbecue wrap, really didn't seem all that innovative, though I guess lobster mac and cheese could be good)

That will bring it down to Lisa who takes French techniques and makes them approachable for the at home chef (isn't that what Sara Moulton did on Sara's Secrets?) and Aaron's soul food (basically a combination of Paula Deen, Sunny Andersen and Guy Fieri)...

My final prediction since day one... Aaron will win it all!

**Even though Kelsey didn't win the competition you can still go vote for her as the fan fave. For entering you also get a chance to win new kitchen appliances. Check it out.

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