Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Little Bit of Link Love...

I have never really done a linky post before, but I thought I would pass on a few cool ones for tonight... (ie I am really tired and so I am ditching out of a real post)

During the summer CA is pretty much always on fire. So stories like these tend to cross my mind. I also had no idea Y mount was burning again.

Last week I also found Blog Nosh Magazine. Which is kind of neat because editors pick the best of the best blog posts in quite a few categories (everything from technology to family to crafting) and then post 'em on their page with a link back to the original author. Anway. Lots of cool stories and thought provoking stuff.

And just a few giveaways to tell ya'all about.

Check out What About Mom's Things That Must Go for a $50 Hanes Gift Card.

Also check out Pioneer Woman's giveaway for a $500 American Express Gift Card.

That's all I got for now.


Velveteen Mind Megan said...

So glad you found Blog Nosh Magazine! We just launched one month ago, so I'm thrilled every time someone finds us.

Another way we find great posts is when they are submitted to us directly by the authors, sooooo.... get to digging in those archives! If it is a post you love, wouldn't be surprised to see it in a magazine, and it has fallen off of your front page, then we'd love to nosh on it.

Gah. Why does this sound so spammy to me? Must have more coffee. I swear I'm not spammy, just excited you like the magazine. ;)

Dalene said...

I'm happy to report they put it out rather quickly--the fire was between two of the switchbacks so it had no where to go. The vacant restaurant at Bridal Veil went up about the same time and that fire burnt for a few days--there is no way to put people up there to fight it.

But it seems like nothing to the way the CA burnt up this summer. Hope it's settled down now.


a.k.a. Dalene

Shelly said...

so when I read the title for this blog entry, my first thought went to the babies links (toys) not to actual internet links...I guess I really am a mom now!