Thursday, July 24, 2008

Caught in the Act

Besides the biting thing I haven't had too many problems with that sweet baby girl.

Until this week. Now her mobility is getting both of us into trouble. Yesterday she decided to check out Alyson's bag to see if there was anything she needed. Later on she rolled across the carpet to get to my flip flops so she could suck on them. Disgusting! I have become acutely aware of how not baby proofed our house is now.

And worst of all it seems our new favorite phrase is "not in your mouth," or "just play with your hands."

Last and certainly not least... she now understands object permanence (even when she can't see the object she knows it still exists) and she is quite upset when I do silly things like take away the flip flops she was chewing on... or take the newspaper... or hide the remote... or pull the plug on the bath and all the water goes down the drain.

But she really is quite sweet and my sweet baby hasn't completely grown up yet. Yesterday night when her tummy was hurting she just wanted to be held and rocked. It made me happy. Isn't being a mom great.
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Shelly said...

I love that Alyson is in the back ground watching her. After all these months of us watching and waiting for them to interact, Callie is now ready to go, and Aly looks like she can't wait to catch up! I think they are going to get into a lot of trouble together!

Threeundertwo said...

What a sweet picture!